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Suggested Freeware Downloads of the Day

Archive of Past Downloads

Here you can view past download suggestions. If any of the links are broken, please contact us.

12-26-04 - Paint.NET - This is another one of those Photoshop killers. It's an awesome graphics editing program that I highly recommend.

12-25-04 - Diary Defender - I suppose this download is more for women than men, but men *could* use it. It basically allows you to keep a diary on your computer. It's very protected and it looks decent.

12-24-04 - Talking Alarm Clock - You set it up to go off at a certain time. You can have it play music or make noises at the times you'd like it to. It's very helpful, and I imagine it'd be great for college students.

12-23-04 - Pivot Stick Animator - This download is more of a fun one. It allows you to make stick figures animated by moving separate limbs around. I really enjoyed it.

12-22-04 - AVG Free - This is a great FREE virus scanner. Instead of spending all of that money on expensive virus scanners like Symantec or McAfee, you can download this one for free. It works great, too!

12-21-04 - Gmail Drive - This program allows you to use your Gmail account as a hard drive of sorts to store files.

12-20-04 - PureText - This is a great program for copying and pasting text without the formatting. You may not use it as often as you use some other programs, but it is worth it when you need it.

12-19-04 - Convert - Convert allows you to convert almost any measurement into whatever you like. You can even make your own custom conversions for things the program doesn't have.

12-18-04 - POPFile - This program sorts your email messages into folders using preassigned keywords.

12-17-04 - Power Menu - This one is pretty simple. It is very simliar to the Actual Title Buttons program that I showed before. I definitely like this one more that Actual Title Buttons.

12-16-04 - WinRoll - WinRoll will allow you to curl up your open windows so that only the titlebars show. An alternative to Actual Title Buttons.

12-15-04 - Google Toolbar - Great toolbar with many features. Look around for the Firefox version.

12-14-04 - The Godfather - Helps you sort out your mp3 files.

12-13-04 - Thunderbird 1.0 - This is a program very similar to Outlook, but it is completely free. It has great features and is great to use. Not only that, but it's from the people who make FireFox.

12-12-04 - Grouper - Grouper allows you to share files with pre-assigned friends. It's a file-sharing program that only lets you share files with people you know.

12-11-04 - tinySpell - Here's a program that checks your spelling when you're typing in message boards, blogs, documents, etc.

12-10-04 - Advanced Disk Cleaner - Cleans out your computer a bit. (BE CAREFUL TO NOT DELETE ANY IMPORTANT FILES.)

12-09-04 - Spybot-S&D Version 14 Beta - New version of Spybot. More new features are soon to come.

12-08-04 - Syware Blaster - Blocks spyware before it has a chance to get into your computer.

12-07-04 - Trillian - Combines multiple instant messenger-type programs, including AIM, YIM, and MSN, into one client.

12-06-04 - Windows Fun Pack 2004
- This download gives you a few special winter-themed Windows things, such as free wallpapers and Christmas playlists.

12-05-04 - Actual Title Buttons - Adds a few extra features such as window transparency and minimizing to system tray.

12-04-04 - Wallpaper Cycler - Allows you to automate your wallpaper switching at set intervals.

12-03-04 - Konfabulator - Allows you to place "widgets" on your desktop which perform various tasks.

12-02-04 - Virtual Drive Creator - Allows you to make a folder into a "drive" similar to the normal drives.

12-01-04 - Slick Run - Adds a new level of customization to the "Run..." feature.

11-30-04 - Send To Toys - Adds new locations to the "Send To" option that you find when right-clicking a file or folder.

11-29-04 - Always On Top Maker - Allows you to set one window to always stay on top of the other windows.

11-28-04 - SphereXP - Creates a 3D desktop environment.

11-27-04 - Madotate - Makes your open windows appear 3D.

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